Beautiful 377-Square Foot Home Built Into The Turin Hillside

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Leave it to Italian architects to show us that the tiny home movement doesn't have to mean living in a frumpy box with a cheap fold-out couch. Turin-based architectural firm, Studioata, has taken a rustic 377-square-feet structure built into the Turin hillside and turned it into an ultra-sophisticated tiny home that's full of style.

Although the home itself is incredibly compact, its primary living area is quite cozy thanks to its primary feature, the large deck outside. The small living room opens out on to an extended porch, nearly doubling the size of the interior space. Built into the natural hillside, the home’s design was heavily influenced by the surrounding nature and this indoor/outdoor feature with its floor-to-ceiling glass doors only enhances the home’s natural charm.


The gray stone exterior blends in nicely with the landscape, and was an inspiration for the home’s nature-inspired design. Inside, large steps follow the natural incline of the hill underneath and pull double duty as hidden space-saving storage. In fact, even a full kitchen is hidden within the stairs.

The home’s only bathroom is surprisingly spacious for such a compact space and even includes unexpected modern conveniences such as a stone shower and hardwood flooring. And although the bedroom upstairs only includes a single Murphy bed and minimal storage space for clothes, the stunning water views more than make up for any lack of space.

via StudioATA

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