Artist's remarkable tiny home tells a profound life story (Video)

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Moody's own life is a work of art: as she relates in the interview, she's the daughter of an army officer, born in Germany, and has lived in over 40 locations all over the world. This nomadic life of constant movement shaped much of Moody's sense of self and belonging, prompting her to identify with people on the fringe and other cultures on the move. What is also remarkable is that Moody has macular degeneration: her central eyesight has been slowly fading since her 20s, and she can only see with her peripheral vision. However, this was an important life lesson for her; instead of self-pity or despair, she realized something transformative: "I need to 'show' what I see inside," she says. "What I had inside is internal memory -- tactile, sensory. Sight is not vision. My vision got much stronger."

Completed in 2015 after three years of work, Moody characterizes her home also as kind of a studio turned inside out -- she moves it wherever she needs to, creating artworks with found objects at each site. Here, Moody takes the artist's path of freedom to its fullest, inhabiting that in-between area that allows her creativity to flourish, without being tied down to a system that imposes self-limiting rules.

Moody believes that small homes, which have a rich history in the US and abroad, have much to teach us. In living smaller and more efficiently, she feels that her life is also aligning with the needs of the Earth:

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