Artist's remarkable tiny home tells a profound life story (Video)

Categories: Tiny House

We see a lot of spectacular tiny houses gracing these pages. But once in a while, we come across a truly remarkable home, accompanied with a remarkable story. That's the case with American artist Dominique Moody, who designed and built much of her tiny home herself. Nicknamed the NOMAD, an acronym for "Narrative, Odyssey, Manifesting Artistic Dreams", it's full of whimsical touches that highlight Moody's incredible journey as both an artist and as a human being who's in touch with her personal truths. Check out this segment from KCET's Nic Sha Kim, touring Moody's unique tiny home, much of it made from salvaged materials.

Fifty-seven-year-old Moody herself is known for her complex and rich "assemblage" artworks, which are made from recycled materials. So it makes sense that her own home on wheels is made in the same fashion, with a meticulous and creative skill that transforms junk into harmonious works of art. There are remnants of wood, architectural woodwork, washing machine glass doors turned into windows, salvaged metal reshaped and patinated into a subtly beautiful facade. Spinning above the entry is a recycled world globe, housed in a recycled bubble window.

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