How To Get Noticed In A Competitive Job Market

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If you’re competing for a job against many qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable candidates, it might be a struggle to separate yourself from everyone else when applying for a role.

Despite being filled with ambition and possessing the right attitude, it might feel near impossible to receive an offer for your dream job.

Instead of giving up at the first hurdle, you must look for ways to improve both your hard and soft skills, which could make you a more attractive candidate.

Improve your career path by finding out how to get noticed in a competitive job market.

Earn a Degree from a Respected University

An MBA degree can help you to improve your business performance, reach your career goals at a faster rate, and provide you with the tools to overcome major challenges in your industry.

As you might come up against many candidates when applying for a vacancy, it’s also important to gain a degree from a respected and recognizable university, which you can then use across the world.

For example, Aston University is one of the top 100 universities in the world, and offers an online MBA Dubai program, which is recognized by the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Qatar.

It could ultimately improve your employability in different countries across the world, so you can take your pick from many career opportunities at home or overseas.

Gain Work Experience Abroad

In addition to gaining a qualification that is recognizable across the world, you also should aim to gain work experience abroad.

It will help you to embrace a different culture, understand more about international business, and even grow as a person.

You’ll also likely encounter different challenges than you would if you remained at home. It can improve your adaptability, creativity, and problem-solving skills, which are desirable traits for every business.

Call a Hiring Manager

Many job adverts often include both the name and contact number of a recruiter, which applicants are free to call before applying for a vacancy.

If so, you should call them up and ask for information about the type of candidate they are looking to fill a position.

The phone call could help you to make big or small changes to your resumé, which could grab a hiring manager’s attention and encourage them to invite you to an interview.

Plus, they will likely admire your passion and proactive approach, so they’ll be more likely to remember you when you meet face-to-face.

Improve Your Online Presence

90% of employers reportedly view candidates’ social media profiles, which can provide an insight into their views, values, interests, and skills.

For this reason, you must be mindful of the information you share about yourself online. You also can use the platforms to work in your favor.

Use a social media profile to express your insightful industry opinions and highlight your experiences and soft skills.

For example, you can prove you’re a team player with an outgoing personality by posting photographs of a team hike on Facebook, or you could showcase a professional achievement on the likes of LinkedIn.

You also could publish a blog, which will provide a forum to share your views and help you to establish yourself as a thought leader.

Don’t forget to publish your blog posts on your various social media channels, too, which could grab a hiring manager’s attention when browsing through your profile.

Find a Career Below Your Pay Grade

Finding a career below your pay grade might seem like a backward step, but it could be a smart decision.

By choosing a position that is a title below your current role, you will have an opportunity to quickly exceed an employer’s expectations and immediately earn their respect.

It could provide you with a foot in the door at a flourishing business that tends to promote from within.

If you can gain a manager’s trust in your first year, they’ll be more likely to consider you for more rewarding positions when they become available.


As you might face much competition when applying for your dream job, you must take the steps to stand out in a competitive market.

For example, you might need to secure a degree that will allow you to take your pick from career opportunities abroad.

You also might need to improve your online presence, make a positive impression on a hiring manager before an interview, or take a sidewards step in order to enter a thriving business that offers many career opportunities.

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