8 Micro Shelters That Are Cooler Than Your Home

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Creator of RelaxShacks and HGTV native, Derek "Deek" Diedricksen, doesn't only have an awesome name; he also has an awesome book, Microshelters, which offers a photographic survey of 59 creative cabins, tiny houses, tree houses, shoffices (shed-offices), homes on wheels, forts, backyard retreats, garden follies and simple shacks among other small structures. Tiny houses are an art-culture phenomenon, and they’re just plain rad. Here are some of our favorites from his latest curated collection, including work from leading bloggers, architects and designers in the ‘tiny’ field.

The Wolfe's Den

This one is located in New Paltz, New York and named after the New York City attorney who hired Diedricksen for the build. It's small, but feels larger than it is due to its almost 360-degree view.

The Shepherd's Huts

In Dorchester, Dorset, UK, the Plankbridge Hutmakers designed this hut on wheels. It all began in Richard Lee's furniture-making workshop, and inspiration came from an old shepherd's hut that stood on a hill nearby writer Thomas Hardy's home.

Jean's Gypsy Wagon

Darius Rucker doesn't live here, but it is, indeed, a wagon wheel. Dreamed up by Jean Marc Labrosse, this tiny structure hosts guests in Seattle. It weighs just about a ton, so it's too heavy to tow on the trailer it was built on, even though it was originally intended for camping.

Mendy's Shoe Box

This Tennessee tiny home is 120 square feet, designed by Joe Everson at Tennessee Tiny Homes. Fold-down decks stow upward in a locked position for road travel and extra security.

Hal's Uber-Funky Micro Guesthouse

Hal Colombo is a thinker by day and a musician by night. He also happened to design this 68-square-foot micro guesthouse in Seattle. He repurposed an automatic garage-door track and motor, and, at the push of a button, it now lowers his queen-sized bed.

The Transforming A-Frame

This home in Collierville, Tennessee only takes up 80 square feet. It's the creation of Diedricksen, himself. It sleeps two, with a mini storage loft and a kitchenette, all for under $1,200.

The Writer's Haven

Designed by the Jamaica Cottage Shop, this tiny home is located in South Londonderry, Vermont. The cabin is just 12x14 feet, complete with a single-posted porch.

The Miner's Shelter

This is a 45-square-foot desert dwelling in Scottsdale, Arizona, designed by Dave Frazee, a student at Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. Inspired by the architectural ruins found at the project’s site, this home is held just two feet above the desert surface by two steel posts. Steel panels attached to metal channels provide a shade space to vent hot air and keep it cool. 

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