11 Reasons We Want to Move Into This Tiny Beach House Immediately

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Being on the water is everything, so it doesn't get much better than this tiny beach house located on gorgeous Tyee Beach on Washington state's Camano Island.

On the market for $424,500, the compact-but-charming bungalow offers 335 square feet of living space on a .34 acre lot. The house was originally constructed in 1940, and is one of the last original fishing cabins on Tyee. However, its most recent owners have gutted and renovated the place, so inside, it's virtually brand-new. The home features a master bathroom, full kitchen, two huge decks, and three sets of French doors—perfect for letting the outdoors in. So, it's official: We want to move in, and here's why: 

1. We could say that we live in a tiny house.

Wouldn't it be nice to downsize and live a simpler life on the water's edge?

2. Even though it's a tiny house, the bathroom is nothing short of a master.

Just look at that giant soaking tub.

3. It's an hour away from Seattle, making it the perfect vacation home.

Think of all the vacation rental income opportunities, too.

4. Look at that patio.

This house has two large outdoor patios—hello, summer parties!

5. And also that beach.

This home's waterfront views do not disappoint.

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