There Are Entire Villages Up For Sale in Spain - And They're Going Cheap

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There are six abandoned houses in O Penso, a village for sale in northwest Spain.

Back out on the paved road, at a tiny café, Maria Benedicta Fernandez meets with fellow retirees and reads the morning newspapers. She was among the last to leave the picturesque stone village where she was born. Only the four walls — no roof — remain of her ancestral family home. She prefers now to live in a rented apartment in a bigger town nearby, with a medical center.

"Everyone else left, too, or they've died, and the local school closed," Fernandez says. "There aren't enough children anymore."

Galicia's birth rate is 1.1 offspring per fertile woman — one of the lowest rates in all of Europe. The region is on track to lose a third of its population in the next 35 years.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, says Avelino Luis de Francisco Martinez, the mayor of Cortegada, a rural town in southern Galicia. An abandoned hamlet that's part of his town isn't for sale. He's giving it away.

"For free! Someone just has to promise to renovate the 12 ruined houses," he says. "They're beautiful — bucolic! Next to a river and an 18th century royal procession path."

The challenge? "We just need to find someone to live here in this century," he says. 

Back in march 2014, other articles were written about the same types of opportunities that can be found in small villages all over Spain.

Here are some of those ghost villages you can buy for US$77,000.00

Thousands of abandoned Spanish hamlets for sale at less than half the price of a London garage

  • Entire Spanish villages on sale for as little as £50,000 - £200,000 less than the average UK home
  • Buyers get a three-bedroom main house, five other buildings, a fresh-water spring, and 140,000sqft of farmland
  • One village with six houses and 32,000sqft of land costs £75,000, the same as a Battersea parking space
  • According to an estate agent there are around 2,900 deserted villages in rural Spain
  • Clusters of houses were left abandoned after families fled the countryside during Spain's recession

But now they are being snapped up by foreigners, a third of them British, for knock-down prices and turned into idyllic retirement properties.

For just £75,000 an adventurous investor can snap up the village of Ribeira Sacra along with six houses, a warehouse, and 32,000sqft of land - the same price as a parking space in Battersea or a two-bedroom bungalow in Bognor Regis.

The kitchen of one of four empty homes in an abandoned village close to Ortiguiera

Haunting: Hay bales rot in their lofts, highlighting how the properties were abandoned

The bedroom of one of the properties in the village close to Ortiguiera. Buyers will also get three barns and a cattle shed

The village of Barrerios, near Pontevena is just one of 2,900 villages which lie abandoned in rural Spain and are being sold off for knock-down prices

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