The Gorgeous Mountain Bothies Where You Can Get Away From It All With Nothing But A Place To Sleep And Fire To Keep Warm

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Where are the Welsh bothies?

Arenig Fawr

Arenig Fawr 

The property in Arenig Fawr sleeps three people, has no fuel on site and doesn’t allow any dogs.

The easy-moderate climb to the summit of the mountain takes about 2 1/2 hours from Llyn Celyn.

There are no readily identifiable footpaths but the route is marked by an old boundary fence.

For your nearest water supply, there is a reservoir beneath the mountain, which provides drinking water to Bala and the surrounding village.


Dulyn in the winter 

Llyn Dulyn, or Black Lake, is on the edge of the Carneddau range in Snowdonia.

Dogs are allowed but required to stay on leads at all times.

There is no fuel available. 

Grwyne Fawr

Grwyne Fawr 

Inside Grwyne Fawr 

After recent modifications, the sleep bunk in this small bothy in the Breacon Beacons has been reinstated and it now sleeps three.

No dogs are allowed. 

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