The best micro holiday homes on Airbnb revealed

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Airbnb, has reveald the best micro holiday homes. They range from staying in a 70cm-wide pod in Berlin, a retro east London property found above a pie and eel shop, an enchanting loft in paris or bedding down in Tokyo's capsule tower. This dwellings are a response to the lack of inner-city space, so hosts are becoming more and more creative with their offerings.

With more and more people moving to city centres, space is becoming increasingly limited especially in some of the world's most desirable tourism hot spots. 

But Airbnb hosts from Portland to Paris are opening up their compact dwellings to curious urban travellers seeking the chance to experience a stay in a unique micro-home. 

The One Square Meter in Berlin, Germany is the smallest house on the list

One Square Meter in Berlin - £8 per night

The smallest house from the list. Located in Berlin, this property (despite it's name) is 199cm high and only 70cm wide. 

Thankfully for the social-media savvy among us, it still has Wi-Fi so you can share this unique experience online. 

Another upside to the property is that pets are allowed, but a top tip is to take your guinea pig with you rather than your the St Bernard.

The house can be either upright or on it's side, as demonstrated by this gentleman

A bed, shelter, and an outside bedside table, what more could you ask for?

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