Student Startup Unveils Third Tiny House That Can Be Rented For $99 A Night

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A lot of us are enchanted with the idea of tiny homes, but it's still hard to view downsizing as a viable option: You’ve got too much stuff you wouldn’t want to part with; or you think you couldn’t fit kids in quarters less than 1,000 square feet. Moving into a tiny house probably isn’t something you can do at the moment or you would like to try it for a short time or even a weekend, just to see if this lifestyle is for you. Luckily there are places like the one mentioned below that rent them. This might be a good insight into living small. 

The Harvard Innovation Lab startup Getaway recently completed their latest rental micro-home: the Clara. Like their previous two buildings, their newest home is set in a beautiful wooded landscape and can be rented by anyone interested in test-driving tiny house living. Located at a two-hour’s-drive distance from Boston (without traffic), the Clara sleeps four and it's available for $99 a night.

With just 160 square feet of space, the Clara might seem small, but it packs a surprisingly large number of amenities inside. The tiny house includes a heater, two-burner kitchen stove, shower, electric toilet, full-size sink, cooler, utensils, cooking equipment, a twin-sized bunk and a twin-sized sleeping pad.

Painted black to help the structure recede into the landscape, the timber-clad Clara features a boxy and asymmetric shape that sits high above the forest floor. In contrast to its black-stained timber facade, the interior of the Clara is lined with untreated wood that creates a minimalist yet cozy vibe. Windows of varying sizes punctuate the structure to frame views of the outdoors.

The Clara was designed by Wyatt Komarin, Addison Godine, and Rachel Moranis, and is described as a “full-time hangout.” “We move at a very fast pace, building a house in about four weeks,” write the designers. “This is an unbelievable timeline compared to most architecture and construction projects, but the fun part is that we can almost immediately learn from our design and construction decisions and use that learning as we dive into a new house.” Patrick Mulroy built the Clara.

Images via Bear Walk and Getaway House, LLC / via Inhabitat

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