Treehouses Are Taking Over The World

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For many children and adults alike, owning or building a treehouse is a dream, but for some this dream becomes a reality, while others settle just by watching what other people have created.

Here are ten of the most extraordinary treehouses from around the world.

1. Boeing 727 Treehouse (Costa Rica)

Mind-blowing in its ambition, this awesome design was created when the owners of the hotel (Hotel Costa Verde) decided to purchase the rusting Boeing from a San Jose airport for a whopping $2m. Costing a further $28,000,00 to renovate and transport, the treehouse is already proving a wise investment, with a night stay costing over $700 in peak season. Though pricey, it's not hard to see why when the airplane/treehouse boasts a Jacuzzi in the cockpit. Take a look inside.

2. La Casa Del Arbol (Ecuador)

Although the list is a celebration of treehouses, this one in Ecuador, whilst impressive, is made more famous for its terrifying swing. Known by many as the 'swing of death', many thrill seekers backpacking through South America make this hike just to experience swinging into the void, which takes riders 2,600 meters above sea level.

3. UFO Treehouse (Sweden)

Before you start calling the agents in Roswell, rest assured that this mysteriously looking rounded home is not the occupancy of an alien. In fact, its just one of the many cabins of this cool and sleek hotel which is set in the woodlands of the Swedish countryside. Like the stylish exterior, the interior is equally impressive. Kitted out with modern composite durable furnishings to keep a light and sustainable feel, the inside consists of only; a bathroom, a living area, and a bedroom. Certainly compact, but charming nonetheless. Take a look inside.

4. Yellow Treehouse Restaurant (New Zealand)

The restaurant, which is located in Auckland, can hold up to 30 diners, as well as also being available for hire as a wedding venue. Standing 12m high, the venue overlooks the sprawling greenery of the Matakana and Warkworth area. 

5. Teahouse Tetsu (Japan)

Surrounded by glowing pink blossom trees, this fairytale treehouse named, Teahouse Tetsu, was designed by Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori. 

6. Minister’s Treehouse (USA)

Believed to be the tallest treehouse in the world, standing at over 100ft tall, Horace Burgess, a local minister claims God told him in 1993 to build the structure when praying.  "If you build a treehouse, I'll see that you never run out of material,” claimed Burgess. However, it wasn't until 2007 that the build was completed. The interior is predominately home to a church, but when not in use, it reportedly becomes a basketball court. Take a look inside.

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