These Shipping Containers Became Most Wanted Condos in Phoenix

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In an old used car lot in Phoenix, AZ, these friends turned 16 used shipping containers into 8 one bedroom apartments.  Brian Stark and Wesley James had a goal of creating market-rate rental units without altering the shipping containers.

The containers were locked into place two stories high with the camlock (twist lock) system.  The doors to the containers were left in place to provide the main source or daylight. only a few small windows were cut into the container.

The current container projects cost a lot of money and are considered boutique, so when Stark & James went into their project, they wanted to get it at market rate rents with a market rate construction type.


And they did it!  Their apartments rent at market rate, $1,000/month for a 740 sqft.  

Source: Fair Companies

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Source: Kirsten Dirksen

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