NHL Facility Becomes First LEED Silver Certified(Video)

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Rogers Place will be the first NHL facility in the country to achieve LEED Silver Certification from the Canada Green Building Council. Jessica Kent takes a look at what makes this new arena so green in the newest episode of Ice Level.

Rogersplace.com said, "During construction to date, 94.8 per cent of waste has been diverted from the landfill. That’s 3,469 tonnes of waste that has not caused excess landfill pollution in Edmonton. According to Dr. Allen Hershkowitz the significance here lies in reducing your waste and instead, recycling or repurposing materials like Rogers Place has done. By not sending waste to a landfill or incinerator, you’re reducing the environmental problems associated with waste including pollution and carbon emissions. This awareness is a sure sign of green design."


To reduce its carbon footprint, there will be heat recovery ventilation and central control of heating, cooling and lighting systems. Water use reduction efforts will include low-flow plumbing fixtures and toilets throughout the arena and its plumbing design will minimize water usage by up to 35 per cent.“If you’re using water efficiently, you’re going to conserve water and it will cost you less. If you’re using less dangerous chemicals when you’re cleaning a venue, then you’re going to have less risk polluting adjacent waterways. Frankly it’s a money saver in the long run compared to less efficient operations,” stated Dr. Hershkowitz.

Rogers Place is a multi-use indoor arena under construction in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It will mainly be used for ice hockey, and for other indoor sports, but will also be configurable as a venue for concerts or other events. Construction started in March 2014, and the building is expected to open before the 2016–17 NHL season.

The arena will have a seating capacity of 18,641 as a hockey venue and 20,734 as a concert venue. Once completed, it will replace Rexall Place as the home of the NHL's Edmonton Oilers.

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