Your Leftover Water Feeds The Garden In This Restaurant/Spa

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"The exterior is portrayed with inspiration from traditional Swedish barn houses, with its simple doors and shutters," said Olson. "It creates dynamism with the facade and reduces heat radiation when the house is not in use." 

Large plant beds containing vegetable and fruit plants are fed by nutrients from the building's sewage, creating a system that generates food and warmth rather than consuming it.

Some of the produce appears on the restaurant's vegetarian menu, including pumpkin pie.

"The vision is to make a self-sustainable house that produces food, instead of waste," said Olson."Living in a greenhouse encourages a sustainable and non-toxic lifestyle."

"It becomes very clear why you should not emit pollutants in the environment, it turns back in to your own recycling system," he added.

Images via Tailor Made Arkitekter / via Inhabitat

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