Your Leftover Water Feeds The Garden In This Restaurant/Spa

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Half greenhouse, half rust-colored barn, this spa and events space by Tailor Made Arkitekter stands on the edge of Lake Vättern in southern Sweden.

Over 200 square meters of the building's 520-square-meter floor plan are within the giant greenhouse, which contains terraces with views over Lake Vättern.

"We were inspired by this 70's concept," said studio founder Fredrik Olson. "We have at the moment around 10 [similar] projects running."

"Nature houses consists of three parts: one, an insulated building; two, a greenhouse with fantastic, protected outdoor spaces; and three, a loop for recycling waste water," he explained.

Dining and meeting facilities occupy a wooden mezzanine level below the pitched glass roof and a second lower terrace surrounded by planting, while a spa treatment room and guest bedroom are located in the timber base of the structure, which is partially sunken into a grassy slope.

The red cladding and shutters mimic the colouring typically given to Swedish barns and houses by Falu Rödfärg, a paint that originates from the Falun copper mine in Dalarna.

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