Triangles And Glass Make Walking Through The Woods an Indoor Experience

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When it drizzles much of the year, it's often a bit of an inconvenience to go outdoors.  So the genius designer of this Snohomish Washington home that recently came off the market has you walking from one section to another through a glass pyramid pathway structures.  I know it had me beaming and dreaming of new ideas... check it out...

The Pyramids, Snohomish, Washington.
Two shingled pyramidal housing units connected with triangular glass corridor, designed by David Turner AIA in 1976.

Notice the almost Earthship - feeling cooridor that could be used for year-round gardening


Though it's no longer for sale, may it inspire you to think about how you build.  Homes are so often built for economy in construction to maximize profits for the builder.  There was a time when a builder focused his or her efforts on building to bring nature into the home.

"This house brings great memories to me on job walks with my Dad. The top of the pyramid is all glass where the Master Bedroom is. The fireplace chimney is an upside down railroad funnel they would use to load rail cars with. The owner carved the counters and the sinks out with a chain saw. I remember a big deck as well with that view. Also for me this was just one of his designs I would always talk about when bragging about my Dad!" ~John Turner 

The natural light also brings heat into the home where it's cool 9 months out of the year. 

The design seems not to intrude into the forest, but feels a part of it... both from the outside and the inside.


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