Opportunity Village: the stepping stone of transition into society.

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Opportunity Village follows the Transitional Village model, and includes 30 tiny houses (60 - 80 sq. ft.) for otherwise un-housed individuals and couples. The basic micro-housing is supported by a common kitchen, restroom, workshop, and gathering areas. It's a self-governed community with oversight provided by a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Opportunity Village Euegne (OVE). The village opened in August of 2013 and has since received national media coverage in sources like CNN, PBS, MSNBC, and Buzzfeed, and has helped inspire similar grassroots initiatives throughout the country, such as OM Village in Madison, Wisconsin.  

Opportunity Village Eugene (OVE) opened in August 2013 as a "transitional micro-housing" pilot project. The vision was to create a collaboration between the housed and unhoused that provides stable and safe places to be through cost-effective, human-scale approaches for transitioning the un-housed to more sustainable living situations. 

It accommodates around 30 otherwise homeless individuals and couples at a time in simple, micro-housing (60-80sf) that provides residents with security, stability, and privacy. By consolidating utilities to common cooking, gathering, restroom, and laundry facilities we were able to keep costs very low, providing an intermediate solution between the street and traditional housing. 

OVE is a self-governed, peer-supported community with oversight provided by SquareOne Villages. 

A Community Agreement lays out the basic rules of the village, while an ever evolving Village Manual outlines the policies and procedures for operating and maintaining the village. 

 5 Basic Rules:

  • No violence 

  • No theft

  • No alcohol or illegal drugs on-site

  • No persistent, disruptive behavior

  • Everyone must contribute to the operation and maintenance of the Village. 

What you get:

  • A small, safe and private space to call your own

  • Access to common kitchen, bath, laundry, gathering, and workshop facilities

  • Computer and wi-fi access

  • Quarterly bus pass 

What you give:

  • $30/month utility fee

  • 8 hours/week of front desk duty

  • 2 hours/week towards community improvement

  • Clean community bathroom once a month

  • Attendance at the weekly village meeting  

The one-year pilot project has since been renewed for a two-year extension by an 8-0 City Council Vote.

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