Musician Converts Bus Into Shelter After A Mudslide Engulfed His Homestead

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Well my bus was finally complete! I have been living off grid for over a year and a half while at the same time, i finished up my school bus conversion. In late september there was a mudslide in a small town called Birken BC in canada. The slide released a piece of the mountain that was 1km wide and 15 stories high. In a matter of 30 minutes the homestead i was parked on as well as my completed bus conversion was buried in rocks and mud up to 3 meters deep.

It has now been about 2 months since the incident and many questions come to mind, the biggest, is off grid living still the dream? My answer is yes! Even though i have lost well over $100,000 worth of my lifes' possessions (mostly music gear and aerial photography equipment) my home and the property that had been providing for a few families in the area, the entire experience is far more bearable when the pressures of society aren't there.

No bills other than a trade, work for rent. This leaves any cash made to re build. No added stress of a full time job that would take away from being able to re-build. The biggest part of this being somewhat easy to handle was living simply and having the time to fulfil my dreams without the added pressures of work and bills! I still wake up everyday with a smile on my face and am ready to keep building! Since completing the bus conversion and prior to the slide, i had decided to work towards purchasing a piece of land and turn it into an off-grid sustainable living and teaching facility.

I would love to invite schools and bussinesses to come learn the techniques i have been learning and practicing for the last few years. I have been a touring musician for the last 5 years with the band Animal Nation, I also have been working on a sustainable off-grid artist retreat built out of shipping containers and powered by wind and solar.

Friends and family have set up a gofund me campaign in hopes i can regain some of my financial losses and i am super greatful for all the support this far. Since the mudslide theres been an outpouring of support from the community.

I am happy to say i am currently still living the dream and relocated to a new homestead a few doors away from the mudslide.. I had a second bus donated to me from the local towing yard as well as building supplies from the Pemberton Rona, family friends and glacier pacific insulations.

I am about 2 weeks away from finishing up my now second conversion and my new home! It would be very helpful if you could share my story and gofund me campaign in hopes a few more donations will be generated and some funds can be raised to dig my buried home up and try to regain some invaluable family heirlooms. Any help is much appreciated and will be supporting an offgrider help teach more offgriding. ( i attached photos of the buried bus as well as progress on the new bus) if i can leave the readers with a piece of advice.. If your dream is living off grid or in a bus or tiny home or in general a alternative way to live, dont let anything stop you from going after that dream as you will be forever greatful you did once youre there! 

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