Off-Grid Capsules That Promote Green Living

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Have you ever thought about escaping the noisy city life for solitude and adventure? Prefabricated and environmentally-friendly capsules have become a going fad in green architecture. Clever use of material and use of alternate power sources means the off-grid capsules are offering a modern living space amid most beautiful landscapes and natural environments. The size, cost and ease of installation is what makes pods the perfect alternative to traditional homes. Have a place your heart desires and land permits; take one of these pod homes along and have a dream house installed just where you please. 

# The EcoCapsule

Created by Nice Architects, a Slovakia-based design studio, the Ecocapsule is a pod-like home powered by sun and wind. Small enough to be transported pretty much anywhere, the Ecocapsule will be available in 2016 for off-the-grid living. Relying on solar and wind for power; the Ecocapsule has a rain water harvesting system to meet its water requirements. The self-sufficient home offers 8 sq meter of living space, a comfortable bedroom for two, a kitchenette with running water and a bathroom complete with shower. Light and compact enough to be deployed anywhere in case of emergency, the Ecocapsule has insulated walls to maximize energy consumption and ensure comfort to the inhabitants.

WaterNest 100

Aptly named the WaterNest 100, this floating, solar powered home is designed and developed by Italian architect Giancarlo Zema. Drawing inspiration for aquatic bird nests, the WaterNest 100 is a pod-like structure for anyone who wants a home nestled on water. The WaterNest 100 offers residents with 100-square meter of living space and almost 98 percent of the structure is built from recycled materials. Materials used in the construction includes laminated wooden supporting frame with curved wooden cladding, aluminum hull and weather-resistant partition walls. Entire roof of the structure is covered amorphous solar panels to harvest solar energy for power.


MercuryHouseOne is basically a mobile lounge powered entirely by solar energy. Conceptualized as an alternative to everyday reliance on grid power, this pod-like structure thrives on non-renewable source of energy. Made from Italian Carrara marble, the structures outer top half is covered with solar panels which provide energy inside. Perfect for off-grid living or as an outdoor office, the MercuryHouseOne can be transported easily to any location by truck or even a helicopter. Stationed slight off the ground, the MercuryHouseOne can be accessed by a little ramp.

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