300 Sq Ft Mock-Up for adAPT NYC Dines 8, Sleeps 3

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adAPT NYC, Mike Bloomberg’s initiative to bring smart, small-space living to America’s biggest city. Regardless of what the winning design looks like, the competition serves as an important milestone in bringing this type of dwelling to the forefront of American consciousness.

While there haven’t been any official entries–the competition deadline is in September–our friends over at Resource Furniturehave installed a mock-up in their NYC showroom to demonstrate what can be done using their furniture in a 300 sq ft space.

While Resource Furniture doesn’t have a lock on transforming furniture, they have the most comprehensive US collection we’ve found. While Murphy Beds are the most common space-savers, Resource offers other important space saving pieces like the Box Table used in the adAPT mock-up; the table converts from a coffee table to 8 person dining table. The Pocket chairs used are only 2″ deep when folded.

In terms of the beds, many Murphy Beds only get the bed out of the way, whereas mostRF’s beds use thefrontside, like the Ito Bed, which doubles as a recliner/sofa, and thePoppi, which is a bed and entertainment center.

Many people have asked us if we can help them design their own LifeEdited apartment. As every space is different, it’s nearly impossible to create a design without a fair amount of work. Besides showing a compelling model for the adAPT competition, RF’s mock-up shows how much you increase the utility of a compact space without any customization. If you’re in New York City, visit their showroom at 969 3rd Ave.

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