Modern day caveman finishes project to turn ancient cave into modern home with underfloor heating, running water and internet access

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Angelo Mastropietro purchased a cave in Worcestershire ten years after he took refuge in the space on a rainy day. He headed a recruitment company in Australia, but a multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2007 made him rethink priorities. He spent 1,000 hours breaking, cutting and burrowing into 70 to 80 tonnes of rock but now it has all the mod cons.

The pressures of modern life mean that most of us have probably dreamt at one time or another of fleeing to the hills.

Real-life caveman Angelo Mastropietro has made his dreams come true by transforming a 250 million year old cave in the Wyre Forest, Worcestershire, into a luxurious home outfitted with an Aga range cooker and rainfall shower head.

After £160,000 and approximately 1,000 hours breaking, cutting and burrowing through tonnes of rock, the 38-year-old can finally put away the shovels and pickaxes and bask in the comforts of wi-fi, running water and underfloor heating. 

Mr Mastropietro was the head of a successful recruitment company in Australia, where he lived for a decade, when a multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2007 left him temporarily paralysed. 

He said: 'MS was triggered by health and lifestyle and that was the catalyst I needed to remind me that I needed to be mindful of my health and be respectful of my lifestyle. 

'I wanted to be in a place where I had a happier and healthier life.' 

The Worcestershire native first came across the cave in 1999 when he took refuge in the space during a rainy bike ride.

The cave, which had been used as a four-bedroom house for 300 years, was abandoned in the late 1940s.

The father-of-two, who returned to Britain in 2010, saw the property listed more than ten years after that fateful bike ride and decided to take the plunge. 

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