Malaga Airport to Build Green Energy Structures

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The impact of the implementation of the building in the neighborhood has been minimized elevating it to allow the existing park pass under the building and placing vertical gardens in front of the nearby homes.

Power generation in the Project exceeds the energy demand for the building, so we can say that this is a zero-energy building, even a plus energy building.

The building design represents a savings of 65% in consumption compared to the reference building established in the regulations. CO2 emissions to the atmosphere are reduced 14,678.19 kg a year. Water consumption is reduced by 50% compared to a conventional building. The generation of waste on site is reduced by industrialized systems and 75% of those generated have been recycled. Finishing materials are used responsibly and low environmental impact origin. The impact of construction is minimized byincreasing the life of the building structure from 50 to 100 years.

The design of this building has been conceived as a prototype of the Zero Energy Buildings that will be mandatory for public administrations from 2018 and in general for all construction of new buildings from 2020.

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