Kristie Wolfe Visits Diamond Street Recycling, A Business Who Is Bettering Our Planet

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Designer, dressmaker, and tiny house builder Kristie Wolfe is the handy type, and a few years ago she dove headfirst into the small living movement.  Several big projects later, she is innovating in many ways. She has made a lot of friends along the way, and keeps finding better ways to do things.  She recently turned us on to Diamond Street Recycling in Boise, who is doing business a different way.  She says this about it:

"This place is my version of Disneyland. "

"You can bring your yard & wood waste for cheaper than the landfill & they can reuse a ton of it. They also sell landscaping bark that's been recycled. Plus there's just tons of organized random supplies & that's where I get really excited. We just picked up a truck full of pallets for a special @treefortfest project."

Who has been to Diamond Street Recycling?! 

Some of their materials begin like this:

Nothing like a bit of demolition to seek out old materials.  Rather than simply scrap it all, they make use of everything!  They ask you to bring anything you can that you're not using, and they will sort and sift through it to make something new, something useful!

What better way to promote change in our world than to reward businesses for doing things very right.  So Kristie put it out there, and we're spreading the word.  Let's all do our parts by sharing great things like this around so that those who do it right are reaping the rewards of their good work.  This is how we as consumers change the world.  

Mulch for playgrounds:

The way they put it on their web site, help keep the environment beautiful and healthy by disposing of your yard waste at our facility. Here at Diamond Street Recycling, we accept all wood, yard waste, and backfill for recycling.

By recycling and reusing the material that is brought to us, our staff is able to make a number of other yard products, such as mulch and topsoil, which will help enhance the beauty of your garden. We are proud to serve Boise, ID.



  • Branches

  • Shrubs

  • Brush

  • Leaves

  • Grass

  • Woodchip


All products made from previously recycled products.

  • Concrete

  • Fill, Pit Run, and X-Out

  • Gravel

  • Sod

  • Asphalt

  • Bricks

All products made from previously recycled products.


Find Kristie Wolfe on  Facebook or Diamond Street Recycling here

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