Impressive Aqua Dome Thermal Resort

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Resembling Disney creations, but with state-of-the art opportunities, the structure is more suited for adults rather than fairytale craving children.

The facilities for (water) relaxation are impressive: elevated swimming pools, two indoor pools, soothing sauna and spa, a grand waterfall, open observation deck and futuristic swimming pool domes.


The last facility is a real marvel of the Resort; filled with natural sulphurous thermal water which – even if it’s placed on the roof – comes from a depth of almost 1,900 meters.


With over 200 luxurious rooms, the hotel can easily accommodate even the most picky of the best water enthusiasts and their friends.

The minimalistic design of the interiors is engulfed in wood and stone accents and furniture, along with cozy and at the same time warm textures, in order to give a more modern feeling contrasting the fairytale-like exterior.


A touch of world class dining facility and an exclusive lounge, bar and wine, is just to make you stay indoors for the duration of your entire trip.

When you decide to go to the mountain side for the weekend or in a short vacation, water doesn’t come to mind at first. But with the Aqua Dome Thermal Resort it does so, and in great style as well!

The lavish Austrian resort will impress you to the point you won’t want to leave the alpine surroundings.


The wonderful effort around making the water central to the establishment shows a special dedication for creativity and client comfort.

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