Homes For Emergency Situations Built For Only $1000

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The project is called CASA QE-90. This is a home developed in an area of 231 Sq.ft. They are designed as for families that have lost their homes.

The designed is by Architects Héctor Zambrano Lozano y Karla Velez Espinoza.

The modules allow for this home to grow based on the needs and size of the family. The initial investment to build these homes is around US$1000, making it a viable and economical development. 

The dwelling bring all the comforts to up to a group of 4. This could be considered a great emergency shelter.

Materials used are:

  • Concrete foundation
  • Cane or bamboo
  • Pallet floors
  • Chopped cane panels
  • Metallic Windows with wooden frames
  • Zinc Roofs

Construction Process:

  1. Concrete foundation for the home
  2. The structure is made with cane or bamboo.
  3. Pallets need to be used for flooring tied to the foundation.
  4. Zinc Roofing
  5. The walls are made with panels  of shredded cane, once built, we will proceed with the installation of the electrical, water and sewage.

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