I Dreamt Of A Home That Was Powered By The Sun..... And This Was What I Dreamed

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So much of what I share on the page is homes that are built from the ground up to include earthen designs and natural insulation.  The truth about the off grid lifestyle is that  when one tries to combine modern amenities with sustainable techniques, what happens is the clash of budget and efficiency.  When a person is struggling for cash, often it is the gas guzzling vehicle that is best available, and the newer and more fuel economical modern car is out of reach.  It is quite often those who can afford to who spend whatever it takes to build something that is lasting and efficient.  Sometimes the investment will pay off in the long run, and the efficiency will make up for the expenditures.  Other times it will not.  But setting up an example today will finance the technology and bring the costs down in the technologies that are making a way to a better future. 

These solar panels generate a virtual zero cost efficiency for a very efficient home in Topanga California.

Sun tracking controls guide the panels to receive the maximum amount of power from the sun

A complex integrated grid-tie system balances the power usage throughout the year, storing up savings during low usage months, and reaping stored energy through the higher usage months.


Thick 14" walls with double closure for openings gives the home security and efficiency when desired.  

A complex electronics control hub with automated control over passive solar in the home helps the sun to warm in cool times, and shades the home from the sun in hot times

The water from the catchment system is run through extreme filtration for the purest and most delicious variety for drinking or bathing, or for the pool.

Sometimes when you live far out there, and need insurance, they require that a fire hydrant be nearby.  This home has it's own water supply access via the swimming pool and rainwater tank.

Notice the metal shutters coming down to cool the home

And this is the double doorway from the side... notice the super thick walls.  The hollow center can draw the air out which is far superior to just thermal mass for insulation, since dead air space can work wonders as a temperature barrier.

In case of emergency, or grid outage... and in case the sun is blocked by ash in the sky, there's always the tremendous backup generator to keep you operational.  This fortress is prepared to be the ultimate California dream home.  It has so many features that wowed me, I had to share it with all of you.  

The Home Is For Sale, So If You Are Asking, Here Is The Link:  1750 Topanga

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