Teatime for a Tiny Portable Home in Oregon

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Architect Todd Miller was determined to help his Japanese client create a house she could both afford and love — and that meant including a tea ceremony room. There's a lot to keep in mind when you're designing a traditional Japanese tea ceremony room in any case, but squeezing one into a 134-square-foot house is especially tricky. 

The solution — combining the living space with the tearoom — not only gave the client what she wanted, but it also cut costs, eliminated the need to own land and reduced the client's energy bill. These tiny houses certainly aren't for everyone, but they can "help free people from extra baggage, including high monthly mortgages and house duties," says Miller. 

Location: Marcola, Oregon
Architect: Todd Miller
Size: 134 square feet
Cost: About $34,800, including materials, labor and design fees

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