So What Is It That Inspires You? I Love These!

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There's nothing quite so exciting as the smell of the fire started in the wood stove, the snow outside, the feel of the radiant heat, and as you get closer to the burner, you're freezing toes begin to come to life.  The smell of steam from the old kettle preparing cocoa to warm the insides.  Log Cabins are synonymous with mountains, with early American construction, with pioneers, with the old west.  The style's born were uniquely American, forged from a people group separated from their heritage by miles of ocean who used the land to make their stake.  They bring with them a nostalgia not quite replicated any other way.  It's the pre-electric off the grid that warms the heart to a modern version of the same.  Ad a wind mill, some solar, and a few lights and plugs, and you take such a cabin in all of its remoteness from historical to modern right where it stands.  Enjoy the views.  Don't forget to click on to page 2 >> when you get to the end!


steves cabin



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