Rustic Natural Log Lodge - An Amazing Natural Build

Categories: Home Stylings

1.jpgThis log cabin is a spectacular hunting lodge in South Carolina. Meticulously crafted by Hearthstone Homes and a group of local craftsmen, the detailing on this structure is extraordinary!  The use of natural log timbers from the land where it was built makes it the ultimate use of local materials.  

Massive cypress tree trunks flank the recessed entrance to support a large handcrafted lintel above. The design of the front door, itself, as well as the surrounding trim, echos the profile of the cypress tree trunks and ties it all together beautifully!



A close-up of the fireplace shows the beautiful stone work employed in its design.



The study also boasts an abundance of handcrafted detailing in both its design and decor. The custom made desk features dark bark and birch bark with deer antler drawer pulls.


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