Rooms behind bookcases, a bed inside a tram cart and a crow's nest up a ladder: Inside the incredible Amsterdam hotel that may be the most bizarre in the world

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  • The quirky Hotel Not Hotel in Amsterdam features 15 unique rooms, each one 'a work of art', its website says
  • The unique property has the look and feel of an art gallery, with all the rooms dotted around a central lobby
  • Guests can peek out of one-way mirrors in their rooms, hidden behind paintings and mirrors

It may be a hotel, but it's not like any we have seen before.

It looks fairly ordinary from the outside, but the name - Hotel Not Hotel - hints that on the inside it's going to be quirky. And it doesn't disappoint.

Every one of the 15 rooms is utterly individual, each one 'a work of art', the website proclaims. Guests can stay in a bizarre tram cart bedroom, a chamber behind a bookcase and even in a crow's nest up a ladder. 

Behind these two black doors are two rooms, each sleeping two people, with free WiFi and breakfast available for €9

The accommodation comes with its own bar, of course, called Kevin Bacon.

The name was chosen, the website explains, because Kevin Bacon is an actor who 'gets the job done, with no pretensions' - and that's what the bar aims to do, too, 'whether it’s a morning coffee, a sunny afternoon beer or proper cocktails'. 

The unique hotel was designed by Collaboration-O, young designers who originated from the Eindhoven Design Academy, and Dutch artist Arno Coenen and his partner IRIS.

Rooms at Hotel Not Hotel are available from £50, with the option of renting out the venue for events.