Potty Under The Stairs - Squeezing A Bathroom Into Tighter Spaces

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6a00d83451b77769e2012876b680cc970c-320wi.jpgWhen I spend so much time with the possibilities of off-grid life, and then someone comes along and says, "what's that off grid thing all about?"  I might say things like "solar power, wind power, sustainability, earchships, strawbale homes, etc."  But what is really going through my mind is the idea that since I now believe that it all begins with efficiency of construction, and that if everybody gets that, we will have a home demolition movement like never before... very soon.  I mean, the real estate collapse marked the end of an era.  It was also a credit bubble collapse.  People ran from their debts, and bankrupted in huge numbers.  Those who didn't file refused to ever go into debt again, and began saving up cash to start over, and looking for cheap ways to do it.  

The tiny house movement gained momentum and popularity, and is one way to be efficient.  As a part of fitting into tiny spaces, places otherwise used as storage became something useful.... like putting a bathroom under the stairs...







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