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092812_Home_Office_Space_4X4_619x357-slideshow.jpgTired of a cramped home office space? Whether you need an extra seat, a better view, or lots more privacy, these inventive home offices may help conjure up a creative solution.


Entrepreneurs are nothing if not flexible. The mobile Cube, created by Spaceflavor, is a match to your flexibility. The concept: Build up, not out. Wheels let you roll it away when guests come over. Sure, it looks funny, but isn't it oddly perfect for the solopreneur who desires a balance of personal and professional space? Obey the fundamental principle of Feng Shui: An ever-changing Yin and Yang!



How's this for a mobile office? This old fashioned compact office design, carried by Restoration Hardware, was modeled after an early 20th century steamer trunk by world renowned furniture designer, Timothy Oulton. Imagine "folding up shop," and being able to move it conveniently to your next location.


Think you can do the job with your eyes closed? You might just find out once you climb into this comfy, futuristic, self-contained office space by MWE Lab. Your Mac or PC monitors are included, along with a climate-controlled leather seat, which reclines, of course. If audio is important to you, not to worry: the Emperor 200 comes with a Bose Companion 5 sound system. You'll even enjoy fresh air all day long with the built-in HEPA filters. (Yes, they thought of everything.)


Time to stop trying to do it all by yourself? Even solopreneurs need help and when it's time to expand you'll need more space. Or will you? This creative use of space proves that you can incorporate design and functionality into a tiny space for two. Everything you need is at your fingertips and your new team member is (very) nearby!


Install this upwardly mobile platform in your multi-level home, and you'll really be going places. This ingenious work station is capable of moving vertically through the house to create the illusion of space and give you access to vertical storage space. (Not to mention your own personal elevator!) Swipe away your desk and chair and your platform transforms from office space to family space.


Who has room for a bulky whiteboard and easel...much less a full drafting table. Solution: Turn your walls into creative space with IdeaPaint; a dry erase paint that turns your walls into an erasable canvas. Nope, it's not just for office anymore. Plus, it's family-friendly. Time for dinner? Snap a photo, save, and erase--transforming your office back into part of a stress-free (well, we can all dream) home. 


When a closed office door no longer keeps the kids at bay, here's an idea: Just move into the backyard! This luxurious office space by OfficePOD is a flexible and complete working environment with built-in desk and storage, lighting, power, ventilation, heating, and cooling. Enjoy the view, the privacy, and a more productive workday. Bonus: You can brag about having the world's shortest commute.

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