Mack's Underground Home In The Hills - Oklahoma

Categories: Home Stylings

There's nothing quite so beautiful as fall in Oklahoma, usually in the 70's outside with it's clear sunny days and an occasionally passing rain.  This year, everything remained green, never having gone more than a week or so without rain.  Some years, the bermuda turns a crisp brown through the Summer, but not this year.


I thought I would venture out yesterday and go visit my friend Mack.  The beautiful dirt road, cut grass, and vintage planted rows of trees make for a perfect seasonal view as the sun drapes shadows and sags toward the horizon at the end of the day.


Looks like someone was happy to see me as I walked up to the place. 


The rock dates the home to probably late 70's or early 80's.  These windows are the source of natural light to the cute little underground home.


You might remember I came to visit Mac for a first time some time ago.  I had spotted the place from the corner of my Eye in passing on the dirt road last year when commuting to the homes of roofing customers.

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