Gorgeous Swedish Micro Home is a Wondrous Woodland Retreat

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The micro space also draws inspiration from a more unlikely sourcthe automobile.e: the automobile.


The designer says that, more often than not, you're likely to meet a man more enamored with his car then his home - this seems to signify that humans create more meaningful relationships with volumes closer to their own size.


Based on this idea he designed the small space to have an airy atmosphere - the wood interior finishes are light and bright, featuring white washes and unfinished wood.


The building's organic shape is designed to follow the "form and mechanics of the human body" - by working with double-curved surfaces, Ottesjö gave the Hus.Ett house a changing shape and sheen when viewed from different angles.


The interior features a few gadgets, clean surfaces, and built-in furniture, including a bed.

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