Argentine Company 4L Installs Fortified Mobile Housing Units

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4L arq improves social housing with transportable modules

Conceived as a modular base, Argentinian studio 4L arquitectura has designed an adaptable structure that can easily accommodate for future growth. The intent was to improve the short-term housing deficit for a vulnerable group of single mothers in the city of Cutral co in argentina. The design process involved its future occupants  each step of the way, making key decisions based on participant interaction and incorporating their specific living requirements. A user manual was also completed and is given to inhabitants after moving in, explaining the most economical and simple way to expand their homes.

trucking designboom

modules were transported 100km from the factory to the final location

High levels of internal comfort and durability were achieved through incorporated technology principles.The use of an industrialized construction system of pre-fabricated concrete panels, 'pre-mold' allows for considerable energy savings required for heating. Consisting of thermal and acoustic barriers, it also helps the structure to withstand adverse weather conditions found at the site.  The modules were built in a factory and then transported 100km to their final location.

wide view trucking


Placement at the final site


Interior / Exterior view


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