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Okay, now that you've picked out what kind of real estate you want to live on, and also what type of home you would like to build, it's time to talk interiors.  Depending on what type of exterior you have, you still have all sorts of stylistic choices for how you will build.  If you are working with traditional boxed surfaces like sheet rock, then that's commonplace in America, but may not be so common in places that build with earthen homes.  If you build an earth home like cob, strawbale, ferro cement, or carved stone cave style, you can build your furniture into your walls and floors instead of buying or making it.  

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Notice in the style below what looks to be a combination of wooden ceiling and ferro cement, the beautiful curvature that can be created.  But I know many an architect and builders who try to accomplish this effect with sheet rock and wood.  The effect can be accomplished, but the longevity of the construction is very short lived compared to the solid construction seen here.  




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