Urban Nomadism In Amsterdam: The Mobiation Project

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Located in Amsterdam, Calanne and Geert are living in their self-built, foldable, and transportable off-grid home on a minimum living space bringing out the peak of livability.

Courtesy of Inga Schnepel courtesy of www.nest-mag.com 

It’s a bright and sunny Sunday when I meet the Irish eco-architect Calanne and the Belgian carpenter, welder, designer, and tattoo-artist Geert who now mostly works on event construction at the AMD compound, located in the harbour area of Amsterdam, where they are living in their tiny and extraordinary home. Their residence, mobi-01, is in perfect unison with all exceptional and remarkable habitations which can be found on this special ground.

NEST MAG | The Mobiation Project

As you might know, Amsterdam is a busy and modern metropolis providing all the amenities required to maintain a modern lifestyle. This is in complete contrast with Calanne’s and Geert’s living in a minimum space with minimum impact, and their decision to avoid non-renewable resources and not using the infrastructure. They call themselves mobiators and urban nomads, and they truly live the concept of roaming around the city like nomads and finding different places to stay for a while.

NEST MAG | The Mobiation Project

I must admit that when I first saw mobi-01, it was quite difficult for me to imagine two people and a baby living comfortably in it. But I couldn’t be more wrong! Although it appears tiny from the outside, the interior is astonishingly wide and rather cozy with a self-built oven that emanates heat, making the room more than snugly. Despite having very little floor space, everything necessary for daily living is there—a big table for working and doing kitchen stuff, a bench covered with sheep coats to hang around reading books, and a built-in bed on the second level above the main living room.