The Oasis House Adobe Abode In Morocco

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The property is situated in a beautiful palm oasis in the south of Morocco, three hours south of Agadir and six hours from Marrakech. There are approximately 650 families still living and working here, a few B&Bs and some shops. It is a relaxing and very exotic place which not only attracts tourists but recently also people who come to live here - exciting activites and different kinds of developments are planned for this beautiful place. Guelmim is only 15 km away with many facilities (shops, hospital, markets...) and is only an hour from sandy beaches and fishing villages.

We have designed and built the property with traditional methods but have used our experience from building in Europe to make the houses solid and of course comfortable. There are two houses  - one main building with kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large living room - all rooms lead out to a courtyard. The garden house has an open plan design and both houses are built on a 1200 sqm piece of land with garden, vegetable patches and seating areas.






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