One Couple Discovers That Building A Strawbale Home Together Has It's Rewards

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Building a strwabale home has got to be one of the sexiest things a couple can do together!  If it's not too hot out during your build, and you happen to building in a place where there's not too many bugs, the experience can be fantastically enjoyable.  


Men, women love it when they see you work hard to prepare a house for them.  It's one thing to spend money and buy one, but it's a completely different thing to use your hands and do it yourself.  If you want a satisfied relationship, there's nothing like every day of your lives, remembering the love that went into the cupboard she takes dishes out of, and the floor that she stands on.


This roofing pattern is simply stunning!  It says gingerbread house to me.


Soo... you think that loft will work?


Lunch time... natural foods.  If you're going to eat local mushrooms, it's best to know what you're looking for.



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