Kristie's Dreamy Treehouse In Hawaii: Follow Along And See How She Built It!

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Kirsten Dirksen is the goddess of video when it comes to flying all over the place to capture sustainable, tiny, off grid, and awesome little homes!  Kristie Wolfe, the one and only Miss Idaho Potato is a do it your-selfer like no other who managed to build not only a vacation resort tree cabana in Hawaii, but did it with her mother for about the cost of a normal vacation.   It turned out so beautifully captivating, that when she's not there, it has become a turn-key rental that is filling up her empty times!  First watch this video that Kirsten has assembled of the amazing place, and then feel free to browse on through Kristie's video dialogue of her build with step by step and day by day progress photos, videos, receipts, hardships, and successes.

If you have been longing to go to Hawaii, and experience it's beauty in the fullest, and stay in a place that's out of the rat-race while you're there, Kristie has decided to rent it out for the times she's not there vacationing!  So she's opened up the calendar to fill it up.  Here's the link if you're interested in the rental rates and opportunity.  Here's the video trailer of just how fab it is to stay in:

 And here's the rest of the story about it's construction with day by day log, videos, and photo set at the end:

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