He Found A Tiny House On Craigslist For $950.00 After This Man Really Learned To Simplify Life

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  I was planning on building a tiny home on my own but yesterday I went on craigslist and found this beauty for $950!  That’s less than my friends in New York City pay for a months rent.  She’s almost exactly what I wanted.  At 5 feet x 10 feet she’s extra tiny, that’s 50 square feet.  To give you a comparison, a typical college dorm room is 12 x 19 which is 228 square feet. My home is over 4 times smaller than a college dorm room. Just 3 years ago I was the one who wanted the biggest room in the apartment.  My room then was actually bigger than this entire house. This is one tiny tiny home. image2

This is a huge step forward for me to live: -Simply -Connected to the earth -For the benefit of all, rather than the destruction of earth, people, and creatures -Free of governmental constructs -Free of bills -Free from stuff   IMG_0739

The inside of my tiny, tiny home.  It will remain simple but I’ll be transforming it.

Life is going to be real simple with her.  I’m going to be living off the grid.  I’ll power my  home with solar panels, cook with a rocket stove, harvest rain water,  and use a composting toilet for doing my business.  I’m also going to be growing my own food, and hopefully stewarding bees.  I plan on living mostly self sufficiently and creating almost no waste or trash.  This won’t be out in the woods though, this will be right in San Diego. Off the Grid Urban Living!

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