Andrew And Shauna's Off Grid Dream House - An Inspiration For All Of Us

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More pictures from Shauna and Andrew.  We have been following their journey for 3 or 4 months now, and these first pictures are a fresh update, followed by the history of what they have shared with us.  Here we see vision, hard work, anticipation, trials of the winter, more hard work, near completion, and the satisfaction of living under the roof of their own construction.  I'm proud to have had the opportunity to watch them in their progress.  Andrew and Shauna, you guys are off grid Superstars in my book...


Photography by Peter Zander




Photography by Peter Zander

10154150_644852432260784_2778246957938862834_n (1).jpg

"After what seemed like weeks of digging and rock hunting, all of our gardens are filled with dirt and seeds."  It's a sign that Andrew and Shaunna are comfortable enough now with the construction of their home that though there are some areas to touch up or finish with time, it's liveable, and they can tend to the garden and other things that need attention.



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