Off-Grid Solar Powered Hobbit Home - Kristie Wolfe Tells Her Story

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Inspired by the earth-sheltered tiny homes, often called Hobbit Houses, created by Simon Dale and others, designer, dressmaker and tiny house expert Kristie Wolfe is building a micro-community of three houses in Chelan, Washington. The first Hobbit Home is complete, and Wolfe hopes to have the other two done by the middle of 2016.

Kristie began with these plans she submitted for permit.  They worked from her hand drawings and all went well!  

Most of the pieces are reclaimed, found, or discovered that she used for decoration.  Much of the construction material is reclaimed as well.

Wolfe’s Hobbit House is located on a 5.5 acre plot, and built into the mountainside so completely that it could be easy to miss on first glance. Visitors reach the small garden through a wattle fence and gate, and enter the home via a round door that Wolfe made from a large cable spool.

The inside, a total of just 288 sq ft of floorspace, is split between a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living area. The interior design is based on the concept that it’s actually a home for a Hobbit carpenter, and design touches include cordwood floor, bespoke lighting, and even a woodworking bench and tools to whittle wood.

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