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The flat is located in a former monastery built in the early 18th century that was later converted into an apartment complex in the mid 20th century. Of course, the goal of the design project, completed by JRKVC, was to turn the older dwelling into a contemporary home for a modern couple.


So, an open floor plan was agreed upon, with the existing wood trusses kept intact as a subtle reminder of the building’s history. It features a full kitchen, living, and dining room complete with large windows and of course a floor-to-ceiling library that opens up, serving as an entrance into the master bedroom. A perfect setup for someone looking for a bit of peace and quiet from time to time.

Sometimes a little privacy goes a long way, like those times when hibernating in your room is the preferable option after a long day at work. And in the case of this apartment, a young couple wanted to go the extra mile, utilizing an old rotating door of a former library as a secret door to their bedroom.

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