45 Photos: Our Off The Grid Cottage Dream On 100 Acres Of Beauty

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We hope you will be inspired to do the same and enjoy reading our story! We are situated in the Northen Tablelands in N.S.W. on the east coast of Australia. At an altitude of 500 Meters above sea level. It is sub-Tropical here with very good rain fall. Our Cottage is situated in a forest setting with rolling hills and gullies all aroun, and surrounded by abundant wild life, fresh air and deep blue skies. We find it amusing as it is classed as useless land!! as it is no good for grazing.. but the fresh air from the natural "unspoilt" forest is priceless to us!!  There are no power lines, no mail delivery, no garbage collection, No mobile phone reception and satellite navigation can not find us either!!

We have a satellite dish for the internet service. We do not watch the news... This all cuts down stress levels! We figure if something really important happens that we need to know about, we will hear it from somewhere.. Very rarely do we even know or care what the time is.

The main shops are about 80 kilometers away ( 1 hour) each way. There is a little country store only 15 minutes drive if there is anything urgently need. Doctors and hospitals are over one hour also. Planning our shopping, we only go once a month for essentials. We grow most of our own food using permaculture methods.

               Now! to "The Cottage" We bought it about 6 months ago from two ladies. It was run down and looked sad but we could still see under all that mess a beautifully built home! They owned it for 9 years buying it from the original owners who sold it in 2005. Everywhere you look you can see the great care and effort that has gone into its creation!

It is made of stone and wood. Not a day goes by that we don't look at their amazing achievement and dedication to build their dream. The stone work! the timber work! all are an art form!

The sheer size of the stones has us imagining this family of Mum, Dad and their two sons getting these into place. Even the beautiful mixtures of colour and textures.... it took them 20 years and I suspect it broke them.

            Back in 1985, they would have been part of "The alternate lifestyle" families trying to give their children the best start in life. They planned this Cottage and surrounding fruit trees with a purpose. To sustain them in the future. Now we are benefiting from their foresight....

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