One Natural Builder's Next Big Adventure Called: The Fossil Fuel-Free House

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Morgan Caraway is a natural builder, homesteader, intentional community co-founder and author. In 2009 his wife, Mary Jane, and he moved on to a piece of undeveloped land in the Blue Ridge Mountains and began a homesteading adventure. Theye built a yurt, earthbag house and a cordwood bath house. Since then they have joined a small, private intentional community and have helped build a pole barn and an earthbag house using earthship principles. 

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Our first earthbag house.

In our 7 years of living off-grid, we've learned a lot and we will put all of this knowledge and more into our most ambitious project yet - a fossil fuel-free house that uses passive solar design, thermal mass and hydronics (heated floors) to stay comfortable year-round without burning ANY fossil-fuels. We will also use biogas for cooking, solar electricity and solar water heating. We'll collect rainwater for utility use and have a spring for drinking water. We also use the humanure composting system. This house will be extremely affordable, incredibly strong, safe and comfortable, with many modern luxuries.

Over a lifetime, conventionally built modern houses use an extreme amount of energy to heat and cool them. If you're on grid, most of this energy is likely supplied by coal or nuclear. Both of these are devastating and dangerous to the environment and living things. This Winter (Dec 2015), those of us living on the East coast and folks in the Midwest have been experiencing climate chaos directly, with Summer-like temperatures and massive flooding. By building intelligently and thoughtfully and keeping natural cycles in mind, we can build a house that doesn't hemorrhage energy and money just to be livable, nor do we fight nature and pollute the atmosphere. We want to prove to the world that this can be done and show how. 

This will be a do-it-yourself, owner-built home and we plan to share what we've learned with other builders and permaculture enthusiasts. By funding this project, you will help it become a reality and also help to share these ideas and techniques with the rest of the world. 

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