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So, if all it takes is one look, to my mind there have never been enough pictures of cob houses and other cob projects on the Web, so I hope this site will fix the problem. I have shot pictures of several projects, and I hope you will send in pictures of your projects, too, so a wider audience can get inspired to go out and cob!

Since this site began, there has been a steady growth of cob's presence on the Web. If you have not dropped in recently, check out some of the new links on the left side of this page.

Some notable contributors to the presence of cob on the Web are Michael Blaha, of I Love Cob, who also hosts a few great slide shows by David Sheen, and there seems to be a great deal of action in Devon, England, where their codes insist upon repairing their numerous antique cob houses with the original material.

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