This Library In Africa Keeps Cool Naturally! See How!

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The goal of this project is not only a well functioning building, the project also offers students and local people an opportunity to learn about construction work. Involvement of the whole community in the project is important, not only because building together is part of the local tradition, also to create a communal responsibility for the maintenance of the library. The workers acquire knowledge and experience, so they can build more and more independently and develop their own architectural language.

The plan of the library – with a hidden entrance – was largely inspired from the traditional masai house, an ethnic group in area. The entrance is situated on the side of the playground, but in the direction of the main pathway, making space for the ramp. The baked bricks wall is intended to allow ventilating air to enter behind the wall, providing natural light for the reading area, but also the visual connection with the school. With its small perforations on the W facades are making a playful aesthetic and improve internal lighting and ventilation. As the temperature easily reaches high levels, a comfortable inside climate is essential.

via Inhabitat

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