This Library In Africa Keeps Cool Naturally! See How!

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Serving 408 kids from primary school and also the pupils from other three schools in the surrounding area, the Njoro Children’s Library is important in terms of giving the pupils access to books and reading in a region in which most have no books at home.

The inhabitants of the village, parents, teachers and authority worked together in determining the exact location of the school, as well as all decisions made during construction.

Njoro Children’s Library is located in Mailisita, on the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, in isolation and the school must function efficiently without the use of grid energy. The library was built without any electric tools, using only locally traditional methods.

One of the main criteria was the use of local resources and recycled resources to realize an economical and sustainable building which integrates in the landscape and suits the local traditional building methods. With the use of basic technology and the existing local knowledge traditional building techniques are innovated step by step.

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