Home Built With Wine Bottles: A Beautiful Display of Creativity

Categories: Homes / Dwellings

"I have been working doing this for more that 30 years" "I had told myself that I needed to do something new to be different than anybody else, and I think God guided me"

This is what José Infrán told us, he is a builder that makes beautiful work with simple wine and bear bottles. 

The idea to renovate his work started three months ago until he found a design online that inspired him to make something similar, with some improvements, of course.

"I started as a mason and later I started working with glass bottles" His first project was working on his home when he was younger, after finishing that project he starter receiving calls of people asking for his talent and work.

He's married and is the father of 6 children, and this line of work is enough for him to maintain and care for his large family, even the oldest son is joining the trade. 

Here are other examples by other people that will serve you as inspiration

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